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Posting Rules

#1 Post by anand_phulwani » Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:45 pm

1)Please Choose Appropriate Title For The Post,It Should Be Short
And Relative To The Post.Use The Description To Add The Rest.
E.g. CSS Tutorials For Every Day
Would Be Turned To CSS Tutorials To Make It Short.

2)Forum Runs On The Concept Of Reusing The Same Thread As Much As Possible.We Need To Maintain A Proper Hierarchial Ratio For Best Results Which Includes
a) Every Thread Should Have Multiple Posts.Try To Merge Topics By Making The Heading Similar
E.g CSS Tutorials Is A Narrower Concept And There Would Not Be Many Tutorial Posts Added To It,So Broaden It By Changing It To CSS Resources

3)The Same Concept Of Reusing Applies On Posts,Try To Edit And Use The Same
Post As Much As Possible,If There Are Two Links Rather Then Putting It To
Two Different Post Put It In Single Post,Even If You Have To Add Another Link
After Few Days,Edit The Same Post And Append It.

4)Use Topic Icons Where They Are Very Neccessary,Using Them Where Not
Needed Loses There Importance.

5)Use Proper Naming Convention For The File Uploaded,Because The User Downloading Wont Bother To Change It,Make The Name Of The File Self Revealing And Self Explanatory Even If It Makes The File Name Longer.

6)Use The Proper Type For Files.For E.g.
Text Which Require No Formatting Should Go In Text(.txt) Files.
Image Which Require Editing By Other Users Should Go In Bitmap(.bmp) Images.

7)Downloading Large Files Is Always A Headache,Use Zipping If You Think Your Target Audience Does Not Know About Winrar Or Does Not Have The Program As Some People Use Windows Default Zipping Facility And Are Familiar With It And Rarring For Better Compression And If Your Target Audience Is Aware About The Program, Wherever And Whenever It Is Required And For Large Files.

8)Do Not Rar Or Zip Files If It Does Not Reduce The File Size Reasonably.

9)Divide The Attachments Into Parts With Winrar Functionailty,If The Size
Is More Than 20-25 MB And Upload Them In Parts.

10)The Forum File Uploader Takes Max Around 25 MB Of Data At A Time,If Used More Than This The Script Dies,So Upload 25 MB Of Chunk One Time And Use Edit Option To Upload More.

11)If An Attachment Is A Document Of Any Type And It\\'s Preview Can Be Shown
In The Post,Please Post It There So The Audience Has A Viewpoint And A Copy Of It Without Downloading The Document.

12)Give A Small Description Of What Are You Attaching In The Post.

13)Use Proper Color Convention,Style Convention,For E.g.:
Emphasis On Anything Can Be Done By Bolding It.
Any Conversation Taken Down Can Be Done In Italics.
Anything That Should Be Removed,But Is Kept For Record Purposes Should
Be Strikethrough Like This.
Underline All The Content Which Is Head Of A SubContent.
Color Like Red Should Be Used Only When Something Is To Brought Into
Urgent Attention.
Color Like Orange Should Be Used For Calling Moderate Attention.
Use Color Like Purple For Above Average Issues.
Yellow And Similar Kind Of Colors Should Not Be Used As It Is Not Viewable.
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